little_colonel (little_colonel) wrote,

Night time silly thinking

All of my life I felt I would become someone...famous. Not movie star famous, but scientist famous, psychologist famous, important the the human race somehow. With my environment as of late, those thoughts have slight altered. Sometimes I find myself wondering if...maybe I have become too eager in my want of things out of life.. A nice big house with my wife, full of kids and animals, an easy life. Sometimes I wonder if my role in the world has already been chosen for me...and if so is that role going to be that forty year old woman who lives alone working at a local gas station for the rest of he life? Inside of my I don't dare think of that as my future...but sometimes I can't help but wonder if fate is against me and I am just riding the current no matter how hard I kick and scream and beg for help..

Anyway...this was just a little slice into what I think about at night when I can't sleep. Or I have slept and am awake for no apparent reason. Maybe it's my fear of being attacked at night by the living dead kicking in...the need to stay awake and protect those who are asleep. Who knows! Thanks for reading! 8D
Tags: insomnia, thinking, thinking about my lovely future wife
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