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The Colonel

Just came home...

So I just spent most of my day at a bus station and then on a bus. It was alright. I managed to down a 6'' sub in less than a minute. Is it disgusting I find that awesome? Ha! Well...I was so happy to see my girlfriend today. She was the only thing keeping me going at the house I was cleaning. It was such a mess... -Sigh.- Anyway. I am glad to be back in her arms. I wish I had a cool theme for my blog...hm...


Your theme is plenty cool.
And I missed you too. I wish we both hadn't been so tired or maybe we could have actually talked before I passed out and you did whatever it is you do at night.
Are you sure you're not a vampire? Maybe you have the Neon Disease.
What is the Neon Disease? o-O;
Maybe I'm a tard vampire that doesn't have fangs and just has the paleness and sleeping habits. XD